Pinhoti Trail Slam Buckle

Pinhoti Trail Slam Buckle

What is the Pinhoti Trail Slam?  I grabbed the content from the ultrasignup web site and dropped it into the page below.  I’m doing this because recent conversations with the new Georgia Jewel 100 race director Jenny Baker has led me to believe that she may move the date of the Georgia Jewel 100 to a date so close to Pinhoti 100 that it will make the series die a premature death.  She’s trying to figure out a way to get more runners to sign up for Georgia Jewel.  I give her credit for that effort.  I just wish she would care about the impact of the slam.  Regardless what she does, the Pinhoti Trail Slam is still a thing and I completed it in 2014.

Most of the content below is from

Complete all three Pinhoti trail 100 mile endurance runs ( Double Top 100, Georgia Jewel 100, and Pinhoti Trail 100 ) in the same calendar year and earn the prestigious (large) Pinhoti Trail Slam buckle.

Registration includes guaranteed (not free) entry into the races.

Double Top 100: April 2014

34,000 Ft of elevation change
34 Hour Cut Off

Double Top 100

Georgia Jewel 100: September 2014

32,000 Ft of elevation change
36 Hour Cut Off

Georgia Jewel 100

Pinhoti Trail 100: November 2014

32,000 Ft of elevation change
30 Hour Cut Off

Pinhoti #2