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Double Top 100k

  Cruel Jewel 100 Training In preparation for the Cruel Jewel 100 race, Paul and I decided to run the Double Top 100k.  Double Top is a 20-mile loop course.  Each 20-mile loop consists of two smaller loops.  There’s plenty… Continue Reading →

Last run of the week (Sunday-20160222)

End of the week Summary: 49.7 miles 7,250 elevation gain 10 hours 25 minutes It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a training run update.  I feel compelled to do so because this week has been a rough week.  Today I… Continue Reading →

Pinhoti 100 #2

 (Nov 1, 2014 – Nov 2, 2014) The 2014 Pinhoti 100 was the last hundred in a year that I ran three.  It was the last race of the Pinhoti Tail Slam.  I’ll write a separate entry on the slam…. Continue Reading →

Getting High In Leadville (Silver Rush 50 miler)

(July 12th, 2014)  I was very excited about this race.  I was on my man-cation with a group of trail runners.  We had been hanging out in Colorado a few days leading up to the race doing nothing but hiking… Continue Reading →

Ga. Jewel 100 Buckle

20140804-After Work Heat Workout

Monday morning after working all night.  I had been up for 24 hours when I started the run.  I ran 13.33 miles and a slow easy pace.  The lack of sleep started catching up with me towards the end. This… Continue Reading →


Saturday Aug. 2nd training run…  Monte Sano starting at the Land Trust parking lot. (17 miles, 2650 elevation gain) I’m still working on performing in the heat.  I started my run somewhere around 1pm and finished just before 5pm.  This… Continue Reading →


July 30th training run…  10 miles on Monte Sano Standard training run on the mountain.  I started at the Land Trust Parking lot. For some reason, I like parking there.  I think it’s out of convenience.  Today’s course was as… Continue Reading →

20140729 Training

July 29th Training Run My training week starts on Sunday. As I posted earlier, I ran 15 miserable miles on Sunday in the heat and took Monday off to recover. For some odd reason, the weather was unseasonably cool today… Continue Reading →

15 mile run from Martin’s house

Any training run that starts at 3am has the potential to suck.  I experienced the suck on Sunday July 27th.  The plan was for me to meet Martin at his house at 3am and we were going to run 15… Continue Reading →

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