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Cruel Jewel 100

Cruel Jewel 100, Running on the Dragon Spine (May 2016) Cruel Jewel 100 is a race that every ultra runner should do at least once.  It doesn’t have the high altitude challenges that the Hardrock 100 has but it has a… Continue Reading →

UTMB Preparation 2017

Let the training begin! I found out I’m in UTMB.  I put my name in the lottery kinda wanting to go but really thinking that I’m the most unlucky goofball I know.  Turns out, I’m not that unlucky.  Or, maybe… Continue Reading →

Bat Out of Hell Training Run

Attacked By A Bat!! While previewing the XTerra 15k course in Monte Sano state park in Huntsville, AL I had a strange encounter.  An hour or so into the run just after getting on Mountain Mist trail coming from the… Continue Reading →

McKay Hollow Madness 25k (Double) 2016

Back to Back McKay Hollow 25k… The Double (March 26, 2016) McKay Hollow is a fun race.  For a 25k it’s a difficult race.  March is usually a wet month and the trails are more challenging on Monte Sano when… Continue Reading →

Pinhoti 100 #4 2016

Pinhoti 100 (Nov. 5th to Nov. 6th) The Night Before 2016 brought great weather and all of Huntsville’s ultra running community to Pinhoti.  Since my first time at Pinhoti, I’ve seen a few Huntsville runners show up at the race… Continue Reading →

What is agile and how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Soapbox Time… Agile is kinda of a buzz word that everyone is throwing around and everyone wants to say they are either doing or want to do.  But, let’s dissect it a bit so that it’s clear what it means…. Continue Reading →

Rocket City Marathon 2016 (4:45 Pacer)

Another Rocket City Marathon in the books.  This year the weather was good.  Perhaps it was a bit to cold for the first few hours.  I wore running tights and I almost never wear running tights. I’m learning more and… Continue Reading →

Rock/Creek Stillhouse 100k 2016

Gnarly Trails (December 3rd, 2016 12:01am) After a summer of suffering due to heat and humidity, I was looking forward to running in some cool weather.  The last few weeks of September things finally started cooling off.  I had the Georgia… Continue Reading →

(Mar 22, 2014 – Mar 23, 2014) Trail Gods? Weather Gods? Ultra Gods? What can I really say about this race?  It’s been two years since I completed it and I still remember the pain the course allowed me to… Continue Reading →

Georgia Jewel 50 2016

Georgia Jewel is the race to run if you’re training for the Pinhoti 100 miler.  You probably shouldn’t run the 100 miler but the 50 miler is perfect.  The 50 miler at Georgia Jewel is actually 52 miles.  It has… Continue Reading →

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