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BADCAT Ultra-Distance Triathlon Relay

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UTMB 2017

One Epic Event (work in progress)   Packet Pickup If I complain about anything related to the organization of the event, I’m going to complain about the packet pickup.  I was given some bad information from some of the folks… Continue Reading →

Quest for the Crest 50k

Packet Pickup Packet pickup is always fun at Sean’s races.  This one wasn’t a letdown.  Sean was offering shots of tequila for anyone interested.  Of course, Martin took Sean up on his offer and they both did a shot. After… Continue Reading →

Grand Viduta Stage Race 2017

Grand Viduta Stage Race a perfect storm? Huntsville, AL only has one trail stage race.  It’s organized by the guys at RunningLane.  RunningLane offers up coaching, timing and of course, they organize some races. I’ve run the race a few times… Continue Reading →

Yamacraw 50k

Scott’s first 50k at Yamacraw I’m writing this race report but really this race isn’t so much about me.  I found out about Yamacraw from my brother-in-law Scott West.  Last fall, he asked me if I might be interested in… Continue Reading →

Mt Cheaha 50k (2017) Officially Starts at 8:30, As Of Now

Mt. Cheaha 50k Mt. Cheaha 50k is a wonderful 50k on the Pinhoti trail.  The trail takes runners down some of the same trails Pinhoti 100 runners run but in the reverse direction.  Todd Henderson and family always do a… Continue Reading →

Moutain Mist 50k 2017

Mountain Mist 50k 2017   Some races require a plan or strategy to be run well. Previous years I’vrunan Mountain Mist like a training run.  I don’t think much about the course because I know it.  I live in Huntsville and… Continue Reading →

Cruel Jewel 100

Cruel Jewel 100, Running on the Dragon Spine (May 2016) Cruel Jewel 100 is a race that every ultra runner should do at least once.  It doesn’t have the high altitude challenges that the Hardrock 100 has but it has a… Continue Reading →

UTMB Preparation 2017

Let the training begin! I found out I’m in UTMB.  I put my name in the lottery kinda wanting to go but really thinking that I’m the most unlucky goofball I know.  Turns out, I’m not that unlucky.  Or, maybe… Continue Reading →

McKay Hollow Madness 25k (Double) 2016

Back to Back McKay Hollow 25k… The Double (March 26, 2016) McKay Hollow is a fun race.  For a 25k it’s a difficult race.  March is usually a wet month and the trails are more challenging on Monte Sano when… Continue Reading →

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