It’s Summer Time

Doing your peak training in the months of July and August in Alabama isn’t the smartest thing for any ultra runner to do.  That’s what I had to do this year to get ready for UTMB.  I’m fortunate that Paul and Martin were also training for FatDot 120.

Misery Loves Company

We had some big elevation goals that we needed to accomplish during our training.  So, the way we made that happen is by doing repeats on hills.  We found a small mountain with some new construction underway.  From the bottom of the road to the top was 1.1 miles with 600 feet of elevation.  We did many, many repeats on that small mountain to reach our goals.

I’m very thankful we got to break up the training in Alabama by traveling to Colorado and running Never Summer 100k.  It was a needed break to the monotony of force elevation training.


July and August UTMB

July and August UTMB