Let the training begin!

I found out I’m in UTMB.  I put my name in the lottery kinda wanting to go but really thinking that I’m the most unlucky goofball I know.  Turns out, I’m not that unlucky.  Or, maybe I am.  Not really sure what happened.  Regardless, I’m no registered for UTMB.  I’ve made travel arrangements fro me and the family.  We are going to make a vacation out of the trip.

None of us have been to Europe before so we are super excited about the chance to see northern France and the surrounding areas.

Now I need to train properly to ensure a successful finish.  With a distance of 105 miles and about 33,000 feet of elevation gain combined with some very unpredictable weather conditions I expect to be pushed to my limits.

I welcome both the opportunity and the challenge.

Training Plan as of January 2017

Run a lot every week.  I’m hoping to maintain 60-80 miles a week starting in February.  At least one week per month, I want to get 20,000 feet of elevation gain.  Yoga at least once a week and twice when possible.  I’ve must start carrying a similar amount of weight on my runs.  I need to be used to the weight of the required gear for the race.