End of the week Summary:

  • 49.7 miles
  • 7,250 elevation gain
  • 10 hours 25 minutes

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a training run update.  I feel compelled to do so because this week has been a rough week.  Today I started at a little after 8am.  I was planning on trying out my new Ultimate Direction SJ vest that I purchased off Amazon.  Unfortunately, I mistakenly purchased a large vest when I need a medium.  I immediately realize the mistake and returned to the car and grab a handheld.  I ended up with a slow, muddy run around the mountain up on Monte Sano.  Here’s my data from strava.

Not much to post for today’s run.  The trails were wet.  The rocks were slick.  The creeks were full.  The mud was deep and/or slick.  I did run out of water about 9-10 miles into the run on The Death Trail.  I’m noting this as I wasn’t expecting to run dry.  I took my time and tried something new.  I listened to a book for the duration of the run.  The book today was Soft Skills by John Sonmez.  To be honest, John’s book motivated me to revisit blogging.  So, here I am, adding a new blog entry and doing a bit of blog maintenance.

I don’t think I can log every training run but I think I can log the end of the week runs and include a summary.  I’ll add additional runs and races the best I can.  I didn’t snap a picture today but I’ll start trying to grab a picture to show what the weather is like.  Today, the weather was foggy with a light rain until the last 45 minutes of the run.  For about 15 minutes of the last portion of the run, the skies opened up and pour cool refreshing rain down on me. 🙂  I love it.