2016 was a pretty good year of running for me.  I ran both Pinhoti 100 and Cruel Jewel 100.  I’m in the middle of running five Pinhoti 100’s.  Cruel Jewel 100 was race that I had tried to run in 2015 but I showed up under trained and mentally not ready.  All the other races are races I ran primarily for training purposes.

It’s was a pretty good year of trail running for me.  I conquered a demon with Cruel Jewel 100.  I went back to Sylacauga, AL a forth time, the place where it all began for me.  I ran the McKay Hollow 25k double with James Falcon.  I mixed things up with Stillhouse 100k.  Stillhouse is a new race in Chattanooga, TN. that delivered more than expected.  When the year was over, I looked back at the list from the year and felt good about my accomplishments.  I can’t wait to see what the 2017 page looks like when 2017 is over.