Monday morning after working all night.  I had been up for 24 hours when I started the run.  I ran 13.33 miles and a slow easy pace.  The lack of sleep started catching up with me towards the end.

This run was meant to replace missing my Sunday run.  I ran Sunday but it was short easy run in the neighborhood.  At 6am when I was still at work I started having some issues staying awake.  At that point, I started wondering if I should go for the run before sleeping or not.  I stuck with my plan and at 7am I headed to the trail head.

It took me awhile to get changed and get my stuff together.  I was still questioning myself if this was what I should do.  It was funny.  I had my own little demon I had to overcome to get started on my run.  It wasn’t any different that the feelings I get at 12am or 1am on a hundo.  Except, I wasn’t exhausted.  I was tired from not sleeping.

I pushed the negative thoughts aside and started my run.  It only took about a mile and I was feeling good.  I wanted to get plenty of climb on the run so I was trying to hit the trails that had some climb.  Standard mix of trails that went something like this…  Parked at Land Trust, warmed up on Bluffline, Tollgate, Cold Springs, Mountain Mist, The Sinks, Mountain Mist, The Sinks again, South Plateau, Warpath, Goat, Stone Cuts, Keith, The Sinks, Mountain Mist, Cold Springs, Tollgate, Bluffline and back in the parking lot.

The temps started heating up for the last third of the run.  I had brought 64oz of water and the route I had taken didn’t allow me to refill on water.  I drank my last bottle of water at around 10.5 miles.  If I was going to run a longer distance, I would have needed to drink more water during the first part of the run.  But, since I knew I was stopping somewhere between 13 and 15 and definitely wasn’t going longer than 15 I was risking not refilling.  I took 2 S-Caps every 3 miles.  At mile 10.5 I took my last 3 S-Caps.  It all worked out.  I was definitely at the end of my rope.  I didn’t have any dehydration symptoms but I was right at the threshold of getting the symptoms.

I ended up with 13.33 miles with 1952 of climb.  You can find my Garmin data here.  I used my Fenix so you can see the temps during the run.  It was 60-70% humidity.

I wore my Hoka OneOne Stinson Evos.  They are about half way worn out.  They did ok today.  I’m not going to blame the shoes for me running tired.  As always with Hokas, I don’t expect to be sore tomorrow.  The extra cushion really helps on the longer runs.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.35.22 PM