Saturday Aug. 2nd training run…  Monte Sano starting at the Land Trust parking lot. (17 miles, 2650 elevation gain)

I’m still working on performing in the heat.  I started my run somewhere around 1pm and finished just before 5pm.  This time I did much better.  I think I was better prepared and I’m starting to figure out a few things.

  • Pace Training —  When it’s hot and humid outside, pace training is probably a bad idea.  I’m having better quality runs ignoring my pace and running by feel.  I’m pushing myself but I’m paying very close attention to my health.
  • So Much Water — I have to drink a lot when it’s hot.  I’ve always known this but I’m constantly amazed when I calculate the volume of water I’ve drank or planning on drinking.  We are all different.  I’m reminded of this every time I train with some of the running buddies.  I have to consume twice as much water as they do.  Not fair, maybe but it is what it is.  If don’t drink what I know I should be I will bonk and suffer dehydration symptoms.
  • S-Caps vs. Salt Sticks —  Salt Sticks doesn’t work for me if that’s all I’m taking.  However, I mixed a few Salt Sticks in with S-Caps and I think it did the trick.  I was taking two S-Caps every 2-3 miles.  Every other time I took the S-Caps I took one Salt Stick.  When I got to 15 miles I was ready to do more.  Since I had only planed for 15, I choose to hold myself back and I only ran a few extra miles.
  • Is Food Optional? —  Except for Skratch, S-Caps and Salt Sticks, I didn’t eat anything for 4 hours and 17 miles of running.  I wasn’t starving.  I did feel like I could have benefited from some sugar, you know, coke or maybe a fruit.  But, I think not eating was working better than eating.  More on this over the next few weeks…
  • Average Elevation Gain Per Mile — I’m not doing enough.  I’ve been averaging about 100 – 125 feet of climb per mile in my training.  I don’t think that’s enough.  It’s just not close enough to what an actual race has for climb.  I think most races try to have close to 200 feet of climb  per mile average.  I’m going to make a point of adding additional climb in my runs.
  • Hokas Are Both Good and Bad — I wore my Hoka Rapa Nui on the run.  They were great for the first 10 miles.  Around mile 10 is where they soaked up enough sweat that they were completely wet with sweat.   This is normal for me on a warm day.  But, shortly after they got wet, I noticed my feet were sliding around much more than they had earlier.  I stopped and pulled the strings tighter, but it was clear that the material was stretching a lot.  I still like Hokas, but I don’t like the way the stretch when they get wet.
  • InJinji Socks —  Awesome!  I don’t think I even have a raw spot.  These may become my goto socks for longer runs.

For the most part, I had a great run.  I took it easy and covered 17+ miles.  It was hot but I managed the heat well.  I have to keep practicing this and try to be just a little faster. I was pleased that I really didn’t slow down at the end.  My pace stayed consistent throughout the run.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 3.01.35 PM

Late Edit!  Saturday’s trail run gave me a gift that keeps giving.  I’ve got a wicked poison ivy rash.  It’s probably the worst I’ve ever had.  I’ve research poison ivy and it turns out I probably got it by touching my shoes.   At some point I believe I got it on my ankles and on my shoes.  Later in the run I had to tighten up my shoes, after that I believe that every place I touched has some poison ivy.   Good Stuff!