July 29th Training Run
My training week starts on Sunday. As I posted earlier, I ran 15 miserable miles on Sunday in the heat and took Monday off to recover. For some odd reason, the weather was unseasonably cool today and I couldn’t resist running both at lunch and at the evening community run. I felt tired. I still haven’t recovered from over doing it over the weekend but managed to complete two separate 6 miles runs.

At lunch the run was very slow and easy. I wore my Altra Olympus shoes. They tighter than usual due to me washing them last week.  I like the Olympus but they aren’t my favorite.

In the evening I ran the community cross country run.  I ended up with 6 miles spread out over 3 runs.  All in, I finished the day with 12 miles.  I’m pleased with it.  I do think I’m still recovering from the over-heating episodes on Saturday and Sunday.  I should be back to normal soon.  The three mile run garmin data.

That’s it’s for today.  Not really anything worth showing..